Iva Mazzoleni


A healthy mind in a healthy body does not grow on trees ... but is cultivated through all the hidden means that we are ready to give ourselves

Having always been passionate about sport and movement from a young age, it was obvious to me that I would follow my passion for sport through studies on the human body.

By nature awake, curious and determined, I chose to leave my family cocoon at the age of 19 to go to study on the other side of the world in Sport and Science as well as in the fields of Sports Management, rehabilitation and of physical preparation in Sydney. My new life in Australia will mark me forever as it was in Sydney that I first discovered Pilates methodology in a physiotherapy practice following a sports injury to the shoulder.

Being of a very passionate nature, I could not ignore my love at first sight for this technique of movement like no other. Without wasting a moment, I then left to be trained in London, in the United States in Europe to become apprentices in the Pilates method. My learning in the method remains endless and I keep exploring new hidden facets of our human body through the Pilates method.

After more than 15 years of activity in Pilates, my encounters with all the genius of the body, in all its complexity and all its simplicity at the same time, still captivates me as much. I have the immense chance to be able to live from my passion being able to accompany anyone who crosses the threshold of the studio door towards the wonders of their body.

Your only ally for life who will know how to stay at listening is your body ... learn to give it the attention it deserves by meeting it in all its glory. You will be surprised at all the hidden means that have been dormant within you for all of this time.

Just give it a moment ...