Instant Pilates

Take care of your body It's the only place you will spend your whole life

Why us

Instant Pilates is a different and innovative place, dedicated to an effective practice and to the traditional learning of Pilates. Moments essential to the maintenance of your well-being.

Our two extraordinary Pilates areas offer private, semi-private or small group lessons for practice on the ground or on devices.

For who

Our approach to the body is for everyone. The method is suitable and adaptable for both beginners and adepts, whatever the physical shape and needs.

Maintaining your body is not acquired by snapping your fingers but through the means that you will be ready to give yourself for concrete and lasting results.

Why Pilates

Taking time for yourself is part of a life balance that Joseph Pilates was already talking about, advocating the sharing of life in equal parts of work, rest and leisure.

This balance is sorely lacking in our society. Our body is our most faithful ally for life and maintaining it requires only a few invested moments.


A body free of tension and fatigue allows you to face all the complexities of Life

INSTANT PILATES is located in the center of Paudex, a few minutes from Lausanne and Lutry.

Our two spaces, fully equipped with Pilates devices, are bright, uncluttered, warm and deliberately close to each other. Their cocoon-like appearance make them ideal places for learning the method.

A first space is fully equipped with all the traditional devices created by M.Pilates such as Cadillac, Reformer, Tower, Chair, Ladder-Barrel, Ped-O-Pull and Spine Corrector.

A second space is dedicated to assiduous practice in small groups on the ground, with small and large equipment.

The studios are accessible by car and parking spaces are reserved for your comfort. The village is also served by public transport.


Stop thinking it’s too early or it’s too late, the means to change is there, in the present moment


Ideal class to discover the method as it was originally designed by Joseph Pilates to learn the techniques well to be able to practice anywhere, anytime, all it takes is your Mat.


  • Dynamic
  • Back to the sources
  • Technical
  • Full Body
Matwork & More

Classes intended for people wishing to deepen the work and the sensations by combining the Pilates floor work, the work with small equipment and the traditional apparatus.
The use of equipment makes it possible to diversify the approach to the body and to stimulate other "hidden" means in order to obtain the overall commitment of the body for optimal results. Best way to get the best out of you and your body.


  • Commitment
  • Discovery
  • Entertaining
  • Depth

Specific classes on all traditional Pilates equipment. To develop agility, rebound, make your body more resistant to daily demands and regain a relaxed and alert body that is ready for the unexpected in life.


  • Technical
  • Variation
  • Coordination
  • Resistance

Following the Covid-19 epidemic, our center has set up online solutions to maintain classes and our individual sessions virtually. Discover our online class schedule (on Zoom) to be able to practice and maintain your form without having to go to the studio to continue to progress.


  • Online
  • Easy
  • Practice
  • Replay

Classes dedicated to all golf enthusiasts who do not want to start their first 18 hole of the season with a stamp! Ideal for preparing and / or maintaining the necessary skills that this sport requires and ensuring a season with a "healthy" back and a tough and agile body.


  • Rotation
  • Stabilization
  • Flexibility
  • Precision
Happy Aging (Senior)

Classes for happy seniors looking for adequate training to their aging process. To promote and / or maintain good posture, improve flexibility and stimulate balance with good humor.


  • Enhancement
  • Balanced
  • Prevention
  • Posture

Classes dedicated to women wishing to stay in shape and to listen to their bodies throughout their pregnancy as well as after childbirth (pre and postpartum).
Accompanying the birth of your child becomes one of the greatest gifts in life. Make your body a real ally and discover all the magic of the physical changes linked to this unique period.


  • Pelvic Floor
  • Preparation
  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
Trial class

To discover our approach to the Pilates method, we invite you for a free trial private session. It is combined with the possibility of also testing our classes in small Matwork groups (all levels) for a week.

You will be able to choose the ideal formula corresponding to your expectations and your budget.

Discovery offer

This option includes 3 targeted and tailor-made private sessions as well as unlimited access to our small group classes (all levels) for the duration of the offer (maximum 3 weeks).x

Private sessions

Without a doubt the most effective solution. Pilates "haute-couture" for maximum satisfaction and results.

Recommended for all beginners and highly recommended for people wishing to progress concretely in their learning and discover their full potential discovering their body inside out throughout the entire learning journey. 

Private lessons take place, by appointment, Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and weekends on request with the teacher of your choice.

Duo classes

A learning environment similar to private but where the teacher's attention is shared with another client. The day and time of the course must be fixed in advance with the teacher of your choice.

These sessions are the ideal compromise to benefit from quality support at a lower budget. If you do not have a partner, we will be happy to find a class partner.

Classes in small groups

Our range of weekly Pilates classes in small groups is limited to 6 people on the floor (Matwork and small equipment) and 4 people on devices.

Choose between one of our formulas that will best suit your budget and your ambitions:

  • single formula, for our "shy" students
  • classes / week formulas, for our "regular" students
  • unlimited classes, for our "bitten" students


Pilates workshop

We offer monthly Pilates Workshops of 2.5 hours intended to deepen your understanding of the method and genius of the human body. Dive more into the matter by exploring every corner of your body for an optimal integration of head, body and spirit.

The theme of the workshops and the registrations can be done via our "Instant Studio Pilates" application on the AppStore or Google Play or by clicking on our Booking Workshop link below.





A little history:

Joseph Pilates was born in 1883 in Mönchengladbach, Germany. A puny and often sick child, this nature pushed him to become an athlete. He taught several sports such as boxing, self-defense, yoga or fencing in Germany before leaving for England to exercise his profession.

When the First World War broke out, he was suspected of being an enemy of the country and was taken prisoner on the Isle of Man. This episode of his life will prove to be crucial in the creation of the foundations of his method.

Training prisoners daily and participating in the rehabilitation of the sick by virtue of his function as a nurse on the island, he developed a series of exercises for which he used the springs of the hospital beds, supplemented by pulleys, thus creating an ingenious system ... the 1st “Pilates” device was born!

At the end of the war, he emigrated to the USA where he met his wife, Clara, with whom he opened his first studio in New York City. The building was also used for dance rehearsals, which made it popular with dancers and people of theater and contortion. Some became his disciples and the 1st generation of Pilates teachers. Among them, Mrs. Lolita SAN MIGUEL, professional dancer, who was referred to her by her doctor to practice Pilates in order to heal from a knee injury. She thus got to know Joseph Pilates and followed his teachings. She is, to date, one of the last people still alive to have been trained and certified by him.

Madame SAN MIGUEL transmits her heritage through 2 training courses:

  • LOLITA'S LEGACY (Teacher Training Program)
  • PMMP (Pilates Mentor Master Program) to become a teacher trainer.

At 84, she still passionately teaches in her studio in Palm Beach, Florida, as well as around the world.

At Instant Pilates, we are all graduates of one or another of Madame Lolita San Miguel's training courses, and we strive to retransmit, with the same passion, the knowledge and lessons learned from her.

The Pilates Method

The Pilates method, created by Joseph Hubertus PILATES in the 1930s, is based on the importance that the body should have in any quest for well-being. Consciously knowing how to maintain good health capital through precise movements, based on the maintenance of the body in all its complexity and all of its entirety. Principles of breathing, alignment, balance, flexibility and deep strengthening are put into practice concretely by movement.

They are practiced on the ground or on various traditional devices, requiring control in their execution, continuous concentration, full commitment of the body, with particular attention to the sensations perceived.

Knowing how to breathe while oxygenating your body is a primordial element of the method as well as a regular practice, perseverance and a lot of patience, if you want the genius of your body to be revealed to you.


The best way we can achieve the impossible is to surround ourselves with people who know it is possible

Cristiane Tinguely


Stéphane Poretti


Lisa Gazzola


Iva Mazzoleni


Gabriela Gabrowska


Marcelo Benites Surreable


Rebecca Marti


Vanessa Orville



Discovery offer

3 private lessons + 1 group class

CHF 360.-

Private lessons


CHF 155.-
/ lesson


CHF 145.-
/ lesson


CHF 135.-
/ lesson

Duo course


CHF 120.-
/ lesson
/ person


CHF 110.-
/ lesson
/ person


CHF 100.-
/ lesson
/ person

Online lessons

(online live and / or replay)

1 group lesson
live & replay
CHF 25.-
/ lesson

Unlimited group lessons
live & replay
CHF 180.-
/ month

Unlimited replay lessons
CHF 49. -
/ month

Unlimited lessons in small groups

(face-to-face course)

1 small group lesson
by unit

CHF 55. -
/ lesson

1 small group lesson
per week & unlimited replay
CHF 180.-
/ month
(CHF 45.- /lesson)

2 small group lessons
per week & unlimited replay
CHF 320.-
/ month
(CHF 40.- /lesson)

3 lessons & more in small group
per week & unlimited replay
CHF 420. -
/ month
(CHF 35.- /lesson)


Instant Studio Pilates welcomes you at 4-10, Route de la Fontaine, in the heart of Paudex, in a space at your service where everything has been designed to offer you a moment of returning to your resources. Welcome to our house!

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri by appointment from 600 to 2130
Sat-Sun by appointment from 800

Address: Route de la Fontaine 4-10, 1094 Paudex
Phone: +41 79 849 92 85

Bus: lines 8 & 9
Parking: blue zone (4-6h) around the studios and 3 private