Cristiane Tinguely


And I said to my body, softly, “let's be friends.” It took a deep breath and said, “I've been waiting for this all my life."

Here is my background ...

In Brazil, my native country, having tasted swimming and classical dance, I ended up choosing running and fitness. Not coming from a family of sportsmen, I always felt, despite this, the need to move and I was fascinated by the intelligence of the body and its ability to adapt and express itself.

After my arrival in Switzerland in 1990, my professional career was very varied.

In 2001, I did my flow in the field of fitness, following a training in Wellness Trainer and it was the start of a real passion! And a collaboration that lasted 13 years!

In 2003, freshly graduated as a Wellness Trainer, I discovered the ChiBallTM. Overwhelmed by the holistic aspect of this method and the well-being it gave me, I found myself in Lyon, a month later, to train myself in what would make me discover the Pilates method, among others. .

This is how I have since trained in Chinese medicine and other disciplines such as Yoga Therapy, Tai Chi / Qi Gong and active relaxation.

In 2005, that's when my journey with the Pilates method began, training me in Matwork and small equipment. The method quickly stunned me.

Ingenuity and complexity but, simultaneously, simplicity and efficiency pushed me to want to practice, teach and share as such and not only as part of another courses.

In 2016, the time had come to take an interest in the fascinating world of fascia, with Anatomy Trains, and to find out what has just started to intrigue the scientific world and how it can affect movement and well-being of the human body.

In 2017, after 12 years of teaching Pilates and a year of working in private with Iva Mazzoleni, having been able to test the "more" than working on the devices brought me, I decided it was the moment to complete my knowledge and I embarked on the Lolita's Legacy training. Of course, I was not happy to start over from the beginning and redo the mate! But I thank Iva for not giving me a choice. The way I convey the method from Ms. Lolita San Miguel's point of view has changed the way I teach. And the results were quick to come! Passion + perseverance + patience + practice = result. Thank you Mrs. San Miguel!

Since then, I have devoted myself to bringing together all my knowledge in the same course, in order to help the body to free itself from the shell that we create, throughout life, through unexpressed emotions or the external and internal "aggressions" which are imprinted and compressed, the Be Evolution (Body emotional Evolution). Since my beginnings in 2001, I have not ceased to discover and train myself in order to support my clients in the discovery of their well-being.

My teaching may seem unorthodox because my experience and my various trainings encourage me to respect the people with whom I work, by guiding them where they allow me to take them, while encouraging them to have the courage and the curiosity to go beyond their "comfort zone" in safety. Because, ultimately: "Your biography becomes your biology" - Caroline Myss.