Candice Vergne


Take care of your body, this is the only place you will spend your whole life

I am a Pilates teacher in the PILATES ALLIANCE PAUDEX studio, founded by Iva Mazzoleni, where I also followed my 18 months and 500 hours training "LOLITA'S LEGACY", created by Mrs. Lolita San Miguel, who was certified by Joseph Pilates himself. Indeed, I wanted a training that was as close as possible to the source, the origins of Pilates.

I have initial training as a nurse, a profession that I have been practicing for 12 years now, among others in rehabilitation services for tetra and paraplegic people. On the sport side, I am passionate about artistic sports such as synchronized swimming and dance, I also practice fitness. My discovery of Pilates dates back to 2016, when I took my 1st Pilates class, and I was amazed at how many exercises that seemed simple to me could be very demanding and physical! I appreciated this alternative approach to the body through movement, where the principles of concentration, breathing, fluidity, coordination, body-mind connection, alignment, centering, self-enlargement, control and relaxation come together.

What a discovery, through a large repertoire of exercises, whether on the floor or on devices, I learned the real re-connection with oneself, with one's body, while building my muscles and ... sweating ! A final sensation very different from anything I had known before in my sports practices.

During a professional challenge, with the desire to change jobs, while remaining close to the human person, the choice of orientation was not long in coming ... And here I am!

Available for you, according to your needs and your request, your availability, I know adapt to each.

My philosophy in this teaching is to make you feel good, more comfortable in your body, more mobile, a moment of your own for your health and well-being and of course , more toned, stronger and more flexible.

Pilates is accessible to ALL, I have practiced it myself throughout my pregnancy, we can adapt each movement to each person, each ability , every moment of life, every expectation. You will discover, over the course of the sessions, abilities that you never suspected! This of course is subject to applying the other principles of Joseph Pilates himself: Patience, Practice, Perseverance and ... Passion !!!