Audrey Delort


Fitness is the first prerequisite for happiness

A sports enthusiast from a young age, I have practiced figure skating in competition and for several years Argentine tango. The Pilates method was immediately obvious to me. Before teaching it, I saw its benefits for me. Pilates has helped me to really feel connected to my body, and to take care of each of its parts during my various daily activities. This method will make you move intelligently and will undoubtedly help you become aware of your many resources!

A nurse by training for 10 years, I decided to combine this profession with that of a Pilates teacher in order to to live and fully share my passion, with the common goal of contributing to the well-being of others. This is why I chose to join Lolita's Legacy training since September 2016. I followed this complete training based on the legacy of Joseph Pilates.

From my experience in the field of health, I pay particular attention to the proper functioning of the human body, I like being able to link my knowledge of anatomy with the exercises of Joseph Pilates, and understand the benefits of each movement. Also, considering the body and the mind as a single entity, Pilates is for me a form of physical and mental training which offers to find a stronger, more balanced and healthier body.

Today 'hui, I have been teaching Pilates on mats and devices (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel) since September 2017 and I enjoy sharing the benefits of this method in a group or private lesson. At the same time, I continue to train myself to bring you ever more precision and help you in your progress. Whatever your goal (new sensations, getting back in shape ...), I pay attention to details and the exercises are adapted according to YOUR needs.