Stéphane Poretti


Your evolution of body and mind through movement

Stéphane Poretti of Swiss origin studied in Switzerland and has worked in the IT field for more than 25 years.

In 2007, following various health problems, in particular back pain, he get back to sport more actively and try Pilates. Right now, he knows that is what he wants to do more thoroughly. For over a year, he took Pilates classes in small groups and at the same time did individual sessions. This method allowed him to rebalance and have a much better quality of life as well as a better posture.

Convinced of the effectiveness of this wonderful method, in 2009, he began his journey of Pilates training at different schools and approaches, so that he too can make it discover and teach in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Each year, he takes part in numerous workshops in order to maintain his continuing education and thus to increase his knowledge of the method, allow him to go further in the global vision of the method and to glimpse the Body-Mind-Spirit concept.

During his first meeting with Lolita San Miguel, in 2014, he discovered the integration of movements through the body, "doing it and letting it be". In 2015, he decided to enroll in the “Pilates Master Mentorship Program” of Lolita San Miguel who accepted him, which allowed him to start this wonderful adventure the same year.

He finished his training in 2016 and obtained the 2nd generation instructor certification as well as the trainer certification of the Lolita's Legacy program.