Myriam Feichtinger


The most important home you will ever have is your own body & mind

Having trained as a sales employee and having worked in various fields as having worked in various fields such as insurance, Event Management, human resources or even animation for sports camps and as a teacher snowboarding, today I fly with my own wings to follow my passion for the body. Indeed, during my trip to Hawaii in 2019, I discovered Pilates. I was able to practice it for 1 month on the Reformer to improve my physical condition for surfing. Very quickly I felt a big difference, my sessions in the water were longer and the paddling easier. So I got hooked and fell in love with the sport and its philosophy. From that moment, I knew that when I returned to Switzerland, my path was to do Lolita's Legacy training.

Since I was little, dance has fascinated me and has been very present in my life. Classical dance (ballet and jazz), hip-hop, breakdance, salsa or even Zumba have fascinated me for many years. Also passionate about board sports in the great outdoors such as surfing and snowboarding, I have finally found my life balance since I started Pilates. Today, I am looking more for an interaction between my body, my mind and the spiritual. With Pilates, I finally found that balance that now accompanies me in my sports activities and in my everyday life. I want to share and convey to you this same feeling of balance

It will be a real challenge to bring you into this philosophy of life, so let's Start and Do it. Being very flexible in terms of days and hours, I am at your disposal for future courses according to your wishes. We look forward to meeting you and immersing you in a new "life balance".