Maximilien Pagnon


When you can't go back, you only have to worry about the best way forward

Maximilian, a former top athlete, has always lived for sport and through movement. When I was 6 I started basketball with the goal of becoming a professional. My athletic routine and discipline led me to a semi-professional career that allowed me to travel the world and push the physical limits of my body. Although this career was short, this career cultivated my desire to progress physically every day, I was always looking for new techniques to become a better athlete.

Through research I discovered the Pilates, and I immediately understood its potential. At 23 I joined the French Army. I was trained to be a military fitness trainer. I was assigned to Germany where I trained the soldiers to go on a mission, prepare them physically for the various non-commissioned officers and officers competitions and I also organized various sporting challenges.

During my last year year of military career I participated in the establishment of a sports rehabilitation program for injured soldiers. The goal was to move, reconnect, relax, re-muscle but with multiple physical constraints. The link with Pilates has become a logical consequence. My curiosity prompted me to deepen my knowledge of the method. In 2019 I decided to train and complete a full Pilates teacher training.

I chose "Lolita's Legacy" in Strasbourg with Katia Hammouche. I would like to share with you all my experiences in sports and sports education to help you discover the unlimited potential of the Pilates method. Forward!